Hula Hoop Champion, who knew?

So I did a half hour workout on the wii fit yesterday morning.  I was afraid I’d be a failure at Hula Hoop so I avoided it before but was bored with the other options so I decided to give it a whirl.  (Get it, whirl.)  Lo and behold, I’m a Hula Hoop queen.  I had no idea my hips could move like that.  I was able to keep the hoops spinning and catch the hoops flying at me and ended up with a score of 233.  I was gobsmacked.  There must be some giddy-up left in this old nag.

I’m looking forward to working out again but must wait a day or two because my right knee is hurting pretty badly despite me having taken Meloxicam, Voltaren gel and 1/2 a Vicodin.  In fact, I’m heading to bed to keep this sucker straightened and elevated for a while.

But kudos to me for the high score!


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