A Trip to the Allergist

My urologist referred me to an allergist to test me for food intolerance since it may be connected to interstitial cystitis. Kind of a reach, but okay. So I went to the only allergy who specifically works with IC patients and my urologist. He had me circle every food on a list of foods that I eat at least once or twice a year. I accidentally left off lima beans, which are sometimes in soups I eat, pistachio nuts, which are in pistachio ice cream and pudding that I consume and oysters, which are probably used in jambalaya that I get from Popeye’s and maybe used as oyster sauce in some Chinese food.) Out of the 66 foods I listed. I am allergic to 26 of them. Simple, he said. Just stop eating the foods he circled as allergies.
They are:

Beans and bean sprouts
Corn, corn oil, modified corn starch, vegetable oil, etc.
Oranges and orange juice
Rice, rice wine, rice vinegar, puffed rice, rice Chex, etc.
Soybeans, gum arabic, carob, guar gum, HVP, Lecithin, Miso, MSG, soy flour, soy sauce, starch, vegetable broth, vegetable oil, soy soaps, soy candles, snack bars, lubricants., etc.
Wheat, semolina (this includes all pasta!), flour, bulgar, cornstarch, farina, graham, kamut, modified food starch, MSG, spelt, wheat bran, wheat germ, wheat gluten, whole wheat, alcoholic beverages made from gain alcohol (also includes liquid herbal extracts), ale, beer, bouillon cubes, breaded meats, breaded vegetables, breads, breakfast cereals, cakes, cookies, candy, gravy, licorice, etc
Eggs, albumin, egg whites, egg yellows, emulsifiers, coagulant, globulin, lecithin, egg-substitute products, Bearnaise sauce, creamy fillings, custards, egg noodles, eggnog, French toast, ice cream, Hollandaise sauce, lemon curd, marshmallows, mayonnaise, meringues, omelets, pancakes, processed meats, pudding, creamy salad dressing, pasta, tarter sauce, waffles, wines (if cleared with egg white), etc.
Green peas
Cayenne pepper
Bell peppers
Sunflower seeds
Tuna fish

Hell, I even added some of these to my diet because scientists and nutritionists are recommending them as the new “super foods” like soybeans, beans, nuts and fish as a healthier source of protein than meat and more colorful fruits and veggies, such as red apples, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, yellow, green and red peppers, green peas and celery to get a greater variety of nutrients and more fiber.

I guess he should have said, “Simple. Don’t eat anything ever again.”

That was pretty much the end of the consultation. No advice other than that. He did however, spend over half the time of my appointment about some miracle drug he has developed to treat allergies, etc., that can only be purchased at his office and isn’t covered by medical insurance.

Needless to say, I’m not going to follow his recommendations. I have lived to the ripe old age of 41 and haven’t died from eating any of these things yet. I will keep a food diet and pay attention to any symptoms I have from eating any of the foods on the list but I’m not going to drive myself crazy about it. Life is too short for that. I eat a typically healthy diet and I’m taking steps to exercise more and to reduce stress in my life. I’m doing the best I have with what I have to work with. That’s all anyone can expect to do.

So anyway, if you want to worry yourself to death wondering what foods or allergies will eventually kill you, contact me and I’ll share the information.


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