Amazon shopping spree

A very sweet friend of mine gave me a $100 Amazon gift certificate to spend on anything I wanted so I had a little shopping spree this weekend. I’ve already received a few of my goodies: The Dr John’s Definitive Pop Collection cds to replace the ones that were scraped beyond recognition in my old lady bag, Carole King’s Goin’ Back cd and my Wii Fit Plus. I’ve been rocking out to Dr John all day. The Wii Fit Plus arrived today. It has 3 more yoga poses, 3 strength exercises and 15 balance games in addition to the exercises on the original Wii Fit. I tried a few out today and had an hour workout but had to quit when my right knee started screaming for mercy. Such a shame. I was really wanting to play more. Maybe I’ll feel better after a bath with ginger and Epsom salts and a warm arnica oil massage.

More goodies to arrive later this week – an imported Odetta cd box set that includes seven of her albums, a Meditation Wii Game by Deepak Chopra and a specially designed Susan G. Komen Wii Fit 12-in-1 Fitness Bundle, which includes a silicone sleeve for the balance board to lessen the impact on feet and knees and a yoga mat, non-slip socks, a water bottle, wrist bands, rechargeable battery and other treats. Part of the proceeds of the fitness bundle goes to Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation.


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