Grain Free Pet Food

Have you tried Grain Free pet food yet? It offers great nutrition for your pet without adding fillers so your pet get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients he or she needs to be healthy and happy for life.

New Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food

  • All the benefits of Ideal Balance in a Grain Free formula for easier digestion for sensitive cats.
  • Free of corn, artificial colors and preservatives.

New Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Dog Food Formulated for easier digestion

  • Features fresh chicken as the 1st ingredient
  • Free of corn, artificial colors and preservatives
  • Noticeably improves your dog’s skin and coat.

Compare your pet’s food to Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free at

From my local pet food newsletter – Feeders Supply

Grain free pet food formulas have been increasing in popularity, and there are many grain free formulas available. A number of dog and cat owners feel there are health benefits to feeding a grain free diet because it more closely mimics the animals’ natural diets.

Dogs in the wild do not consume a large amount of carbohydrates. In fact, most of the carbohydrates that a wild dog gets come from the nutritional contents of its plant-eating prey. Although dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats, who must eat meat-based protein to thrive, they still consume a mostly protein-dominated diet in the wild. A grain free diet closely mimics this natural diet, since it relies mostly on meat protein sources and contains non-grain carbohydrates.

Many pet owners are not aware that grain free does not mean carbohydrate free. This is especially true of dry formulas, since they often need carbohydrates in order to be processed and to maintain kibble shape. The carbohydrates contained in grain free formulas can include potato, sweet potato, beans, peas or other ingredients.

The health benefits associated with grain free dog food formulas are said to include a lesser chance of developing a food-based allergic reaction. Many of the common allergens in food formulas are thought to come from the grain components – corn, wheat, soy, etc.

When choosing a grain free food, consider the meat protein source and total protein content of the formula. If you k now that your pet has had problems in the past with one kind of protein, choose a food featuring a different meat, such as fish or bison. If your pet has had no problems, you may even consider one of the grain free foods with a blend of multiple meats.

Should you find that a particular food is “too protein rich” for your dog’s needs, you can select from a range of protein levels available in different brands’ formulas. For instance, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural has 38% protein. Taste of the Wild High Prairie has 32% protein and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato and Fish formula contains 20% protein. (Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food has a minimum of 30% protein from chicken and eggs.)

In the case of grain free cat foods, you’ll find higher levels of protein. As true carnivores, cats’ bodies and digestive systems are designed to easily process a protein-rich diet. In fact, the higher the level, the better for their health.

Many find that grain free formulas promotes healthy digestion for both species, since the pet’s body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest the grain-based ingredients. Other cited benefits include more energy, healthy coat, clear eyes, good muscle development, decreased weight, firmer stools and a better temperament.

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food and Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food and Dog Food can be found at pet specialty stores, such as Petco, PetSmart and neighborhood pet shops as well as select vet offices.


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