Wii Fit Plus

Fabulous news.  I lost 24 pounds.  In 2 hours.  But within the next 24 hours, I gained back all 24 pounds and 12 more pounds to boot.  I’m pretty sure my Wii Fit Balance Board needs to be recalibrated.  Mercury is in retrograde until Wednesday, after all.

Nevertheless, I did exercise on the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus for a total of 13 hours during the month of March, so bravo to me.  I’m finding that even when I’m feeling bad or having a fibromyalgia flare or my knee hurts, I can still do at least a few yoga poses and maybe a strength exercise or two.  And because my hips are relatively free of pain, I can do the hula and super hula games.

More good news:  My Wii Fit Plus and 12-in-1 Fitness Bundle by Susan G Komen Race for the Cure arrived so I’ve been playing new games.  And they’re actually FUN!  My current favorites are Rhythm Parade (I think that’s the name of it.  It’s the marching band game, Rhythm Kung Fu and Basic Run Plus.  I walk instead of run but still do the complete distance so it counts.  I’m not supposed to do impact exercises due to my knees and my permanently injured left foot so I allow myself modifications as I see fit.

The 15 new balance games and my comments are listed below.

Perfect 10 – Wiggle your hips to tap the mushrooms whose numbers add up to 10 (or 15 for advanced)  I’m okay at this one.  It’s silly and very easy to play so I can do this even on bad days.

Island Cycling – Cycle around the island by walking in place, locate the flags then head for the finish line.  Ok, I’m terrible at this one.  I only played once and walked 2.8 miles in 14 minutes trying to find all the flags.  I got lost in the mazelike streets and probably covered the island several times, failing at every turn.  There is a little map on the screen but I can’t always follow it based on what it looks like and what the actual island looks like.  It’s going to be one of those that I do when my knees and foot aren’t hurting.

Rhythm Kung Fu – Watch the back row of Kung Fu artists and mimic their movements in time to the music.  I’m not perfect at this one but I do rather well.  The graphics are fun for me and I like the weird music, which Jim described as Chinese hip hop. He watched me play then tried it himself and enjoyed the game.  It looks like one he’ll be playing regularly.

Driving Range – A golf game.  Yawn.  Haven’t tried it out yet.

Segway Circuit – Maneuver your segway across the beach and try to pop the beach balls covering mole holes.  But if the mole pops it and you hit the mole, you lose points.  I tried it a couple of times.  It has promise but can be hard on my knees so I probably won’t do this one every day.

Bird’s Eye Bulls Eye – While costumed in a chicken suit, you must flap your wings (arms) to fly to different bulls eye targets over the water.  You have to learn how to time your flapping with your landings and how to fly high or low enough to get to your targets without splashing down into the water.  Then you must fly and land on the ship before time runs out.  I’ve played this a few times.  It really works your upper body and since I exercise with my front door open, I’m sure my neighbors think I’ve lost my mind when they see me flapping around.  I don’t love it or hate it.  Just not very good at it yet.

Snowball Fight – Yay!  There’s nothing quite so fun as smacking a snotty little brat in the head with a snowball and seeing him pout and tumble to the ground.  I feel like I’m getting back at my cousin Paul when I play this game after all the dirty tricks he played on me when we were kids.  It’s fun.  Jim tried it and liked it, too, but he isn’t used to the board, remote or nunchucks so he isn’t that good at it yet.  But with practice, I know he’ll do excellent.

Obstacle Course – I’m so glad I don’t have to run these.  I’m lousy at it.  It requires running, avoiding being hit by huge black orbs and jumping onto a moving platform to get to the next track.  I may get better eventually but not holding out hope for it.

Tilt City – You use your legs to balance you on the board and to move the lower balls left and right while you control the upper bar with your wii remote.  Colored balls come down and land on the top bar and you have to decide quickly if it should go left or right in order to reach the corresponding colored barrels below.  I’ve played it once or twice.  It takes a bit of mental focus so it’s not my thing just yet.

Rhythm Parade – You are the drum major (or whatever the person leading a band is called) and must march in time on the balance board while catching icons of the wii remote and the nunchucks when they reach circles on the bottom of the screen.  It’s a fun, catchy game and for some reason, I’m quite good at it.  I like this one a lot.

Big Top Juggling – You must balance yourself on a rolling ball while circus performers throw balls for you to catch and juggle.  I caught a few balls but only as a fluke.  I don’t have the talents needed to play this game.

Skateboard Arena – You turn the Balance Board sideways and “push” the skate board off with your right foot.  You can also speed it up that way.  You have to ride over an obstacle course and jump ramps.  I played it once, wasn’t very good.  But I didn’t have enough room to play well since the cat’s bed was next to the board and she was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her.

Table Tilt Plus – Like Table Tilt in Wii Fit but more difficult.  I don’t like it that much yet because it’s too much of a challenge.  I’ll have to get used to the regular Table Tilt game before moving on to this one.

Balance Bubble Plus – The same as Balance Bubble on Wii Fit with a few more interesting things to get snagged on.  You lean forward in your bubble to make it go upriver and try to avoid touching the land on either side of you or any other obstacle thrown in your way.  I don’t get very far on this one.

Basic Run Plus – I like this one.  It is more interesting than Wii Fit Basic Run because you have to pay attention to what you see because at the end of the run, you are quizzed on creatures you may have passed and other things about your run.  I will do this one even if my knee hurts just a tad because I don’t have to run on the Balance Board, but on my carpet instead.  And the run is relatively short.

All of the yoga poses, strength exercises, aerobic games and balance games from Wii Fit are there and you can customize your workout to focus on whatever you want to on any given day, choose one of the Wii Fit Plus workouts or just go from whatever game you want to another.  There are also three new yoga poses and three new strength exercises.

I’m disappointed that Wii logs all the games as Training Plus games and does not differentiate between those I consider aerobic exercises, not balance games.has called all of the games balance games as some of them are more aerobic than balance related; such as the Basic Run Plus, the Rhythm Parade and Island Cycling.  So I don’t think there’s proper representation on the activity graph.  Wii Fit Plus also does not cue to you which yoga poses coincide with which strength exercise so you can do them in order of area of interest like the Wii Fit does.

But all in all, I’m really happy with the games and look forward to playing them every day when I awake.  And who knows, I may have lost another 25 pounds by tomorrow.


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