Prayer Request for Evelyn and Charles Robbins


My mom is going in for surgery tomorrow to repair damage done by diverticulitis and diverticulosis.  She’s been in terrible pain with it for many years and it’s gotten so bad that she’s had to slow her life down and has no choice but to have an operation.  She’s always been the caretaker of the family but now she needs a lot of love and care herself.  Please keep her and my dad in your thoughts and prayers.  Dad has been taking good care of her through this past flare which started on Christmas Eve and through all the flares before.  She’ll be in the hospital for maybe a week and he’ll be by her side as much as he can.  He loves her so much and hates to see his young bride in pain.

Thank you all so much,




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  1. Michael Kesler says:

    You know I’m not a religious person, but I’m keeping her in my thoughts and trying to send as much positive energy her way as I can. Good luck to you all and I hope everything goes great and she gets some relief.

  2. my prayers are with you, your family and friends, and the doctor and nurses that are taking care of you. may you be a light thru the Lord for them. God bless you!

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