Where gray hair comes from

Where Gray Hair Comes From

It has always been my opinion that gray hair is simply an excess of gray matter. As we age, our brains increase in size due to acquired education, skill, experience and can no longer be contained in our skulls. To relieve intercranial pressure, the brain is forced to release gray matter by pushing it through the skull where it seeps into the hair. Currently, mine is disguised as a lovely reddish medium-brown, thanks to L’Oreal (because I’m worth it.)

Another hair concern primarily experienced by older men is the increase in hair growing out of areas it has never grown before. This is in part due to a man having a much thicker head than a woman and also to gravity. As a man ages, his hair loses it’s flexibility and strength and is no longer able to push through his thick skull, which only thickens with age; and out of the top of the head as it did in his youth. Gravity drives the hair downward and outward so instead of having a luscious mane of hair on his head, the hair escapes through his nostrils, ear canals and backside.

Gravity is not kind to men, my friends. Not kind at all.

By DLR, 2008


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