Good health news

Okay, so I had the surgery at the end of July and had a month of physical therapy but my knee still hurt. I waited it out another month since my doc did not want to give me injections if he didn’t need to. I would have gladly kicked him in the knee to let him know how I felt but couldn’t throw a fit in my sister-in-law’s doctors office so instead I just grimaced and went home. In early November, I saw the physician’s assistant and asked for a cortisone injection in my right knee. I was afraid I’d get a lecture about the dangers and side effects of cortisone as the doc had done but she was quite agreeable to giving me one.

I have grade IV arthritis in both knees and also had tears in each meniscus so they were cut out, cleaned up or repaired. Since they both hurt, I tentatively asked if it was possible to give one in the previously operated upon left knee and she said it was no problem. So she gave me cortisone in each one. The left one was actually more swollen than the right, having had to take the brunt of weight-bearing since I favored it due to the pain in my right. For three weeks, things were great. The fourth week after the cortisone shots, she gave me my first orthovisc injection, which is a gel that lubricates the joints and helps you move better and without pain. I had to go back twice more, a week apart, for the total of three injections and it took maybe another few days to kick in but most of the time now. I am walking without pain and can stay on my feet for hours without having to come home, put my feet up on the ottoman and moving as little as possible for three days. I have even been able to chase after the kitties and get down on my hands and knees to play with them and to clean. It’s been awesome. I have been in pain for nearly a decade so to be able to move and not hurt is nothing short of miraculous.

I am thrilled beyond measure. Dr. Kuiper and Melissa Parshall at Louisville Orthopedic are fantastic people and very talented physicians. I am incredibly grateful for their help and for my sister-in-law for getting me in with her docs so I could walk again. I love Becky to pieces.


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