New hair makes a new woman

In a moment of bravery/stupidity last year, I bought a box of hair color to brighten up my hair and my mood. I kept in the closet until last night. Forgetting how drastic of a change it would make, I decided to color my hair. The dayglo orange of the dye on my hair and gloves was shocking to say the least but sometimes color looks crazy before it processes then changes into something lovely, such as purplish dye that turns into a lovely auburn. So I was hoping for something like that. What I got, however, was pretty much what was on the glove. So now I am sporting some seriously bright red hair that is definitely not a color in found in nature. It kind of looks like the girl in the Wendy’s logo. Mom and Dad will think I dyed it to match Billie Boy, but I swear I didn’t. smile emoticon

I just needed a change.

Eh, so the whole truth is that the previous color had grown out and was darker than the brown I usually wear with a lot of gray hair sprinkled about but mainly around my face. I’m going to be in the hospital in less than 24 hours getting a new knee and I’d rather not have everyone see me looking very blah and in pain. And as we ladies know, every transition, whether it be a breakup, graduation, new job, new place, whatever, we need to change up our look, as well, and a new haircut or color usually does the trick to ease the transition. I doubt I’ll go back to this color but what the heck, I’ll paint the town red while I have this new red hair of mine. Anyone want to join me?


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