That time I knew my house was haunted

There was a question posed recently, asking if anyone ever experienced anything in their house ever being moved by something that could not be seen. In the house I lived in within the past five years. A gallon jug of water that had been on a bookcase was thrown to the other side of the room and a ceramic angel bought for me when my niece passed away in a car accident was also thrown three feet from where it had rested.

Before I noticed the items had moved, when I was getting out of the shower, I glanced in the mirror and instead of my own body, I saw the body of a tiny, thin, old woman with wispy white hair. I was startled and grabbed the side of the wall to balance myself. When I looked again, I saw myself in the mirror. I saw her again in a mirror in my bedroom that had been left in the house by the previous owner, who had lived there for fifty years. It was strange that the only time I saw her was in the bathroom and bedroom mirrors that came with the place and not the mirrors I had brought with me.

I told my bf about the incidents, including the things thrown around the living room. I had already been experiencing the sensation of being watched and hearing the sounds of men’s dress shoes walking down the hardwood floor since I’d moved in but things had escalated at the time. Instead of saying, “Hmm, how odd,” my bf said, “When did the increase in activity start?” That was a seriously loaded question in my book, as in, he knew something but was holding back.

So I explained that it had been happening for about five days. He then told me that the lady who used to own the house had passed away six or seven days before. She had lived in the house with her husband, who passed thirty years before her, until she was diagnosed with the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease, when she had to move into a 24-hour care facility.

We assumed that since this was the last place she remembered living, that she had returned to be with her deceased husband who was also haunting the house, waiting for her to join him. There was some crazy energy in the house. I could literally feel a wild, electric sensation bouncing off the walls and crashing into things.

So we decided to have a “chat” with the couple and adamantly informed them that they had passed away and need to move on, that we were the current residents of the house and they were no longer welcome. After that, we didn’t have anymore trouble.


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