Three good things that happened in my life today

I went to the optometrist for an exam and to pick out new glasses since I lost my old ones and my vision had changed. My eyes are in seemingly good condition with no reason to have any concern and the new prescription is not a very strong one. They had the cutest royal blue frames which look really cute on me so I’m happy to have found something that I like. I’ll now be able to see the television from ten feet (or more) away, to be able to read without getting dizzy and to drive my car without just praying and hoping for the best.




After leaving the eye doctor, Jim and I went to A&W Restaurant to grab some lunch. Neither of us have been in over a decade but I was in the mood for a good cheeseburger and fries and a few mini corn dogs and when I Googled for info for nearby restaurants, A&W showed up. It was actually a two-in-one restaurant with an A&W Restaurant and a Long John Silver Restaurant together. Those kinds of places always make me nervous and I fear poor quality and cross “contamination” of flavors that just don’t meld well together. I was pleasantly surprised at how good everything was. The bacon cheeseburger I ate was made perfectly. It didn’t taste like a fast food burger. It tasted like home quality, which flavorful and juicy meat, the right amount and type of cheese, sauces that blended well together and were not too heavy in one or the other and the lettuce and tomato were farm fresh. I’m new to eating tomatoes as I hate the funky gel area around the seeds but the tomato slice did not have any of that. It was just a meaty, sliced tomato. I couldn’t get over how fresh everything tasted. I was really impressed.

It was a lovely day and I was able to get out and go to Waverly Park for a little bit and for the first time in years, I was able to walk around outside without having too much pain in my knee or feet. My knee replacement seems to have done the trick and I’m doing very well with it. It’s almost a miraculous recovery considering how much pain I was in before and how little I was able to walk. I really feel like I have my life back.


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