Three Good Things That Happened Today

I misplaced my medical insurance card last week and wanted to find it or order a new one so I went through papers, mail and other reading material and straightened up in the living room, which was behind since I wasn’t up to it when I was recovering from surgery. It felt good to accomplish something that had snowballed.

I received some goodies in the
mail today. My new phone arrived, a children’s book about mental illness that I won from that I am going to donate to Seven Counties arrived and I received a nice box of samples from #pinchme. It’s always great to get fun stuff in the mail.

The samples included:

Kraft Foods New Seasoned Grated Parmesan Cheese in Classic Italian (3 oz. package)
Luzianne Tea Pour and Serve Sweet Tea Liquid Iced Concentrate (1 fl. oz. packages – makes 2 qts.)
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream with Aloe (2 0.75 oz. tubes)
Gold Bond Ultimate Strength and Resilience Skin Therapy Cream (1 0.75 oz. tube)
Splenda Minis Sweet No Calorie Dissolvable Tablets (100-count tablets)

These were no small samples. I’m extremely impressed, not just with @pinchme but also @kraftfoods @luziannetea @goldbond and @splenda for participating in the free sample program and for providing large enough sample so you can try before you buy it.


The book is Pretend Friends by Alice Hoyle & Illustrated by Lauren Reis. It’s “a story about schizophrenia and other illnesses that can cause hallucinations.” It includes notes for parents and other adults and is meant “to be a supportive tool for families and practitioners to talk about aspects of mental illness with children and aims to raise awareness and understanding, increase empathy and reduce stigma and discrimination.” Seven Counties provides mental health and addiction services for those living in poverty and homelessness so the book will go to good use and perhaps reach a child who needs it the most.



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