I took a scary tumble today. Jim stepped on the back of my shoe. My left knee, which needs to be replaced twisted and hurt so bad that I couldn’t stand on it so I started to fall. I put all my weight on the recently-replaced right knee, but it bent further than it is supposed to be able to, so I fell on it and then on my right hip and right wrist. I also scraped the side of my left foot. And my ribs are a little sore from the bump on the concrete. Nothing is broken, just tender and sore. From my right hip to right knee burns rather badly, but I can move both knees well. The left knee hurts where it is supposed to hurt, which is the medial side where all the cartilage has worn down to the bone. It hurts just a little more than it should. The right knee and just below it aches. I don’t want to take a pain pill if I can help it so I”ll just give everything time to figure out what is going to hurt and when. You know it’s always a few hours or the next day until things really start to hurt. Other than my foot, there is no broken skin and probably won’t have much bruising. Just a lot of owies. Nevermind me, though. I’m just whining. It was quite terrifying to fall after a knee replacement, though. I was so afraid of what could happen. Thank goodness nothing much did.


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