Review of Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Cat Litter

My kitties were chosen to participate in a Smiley 360 mission for Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping cat litter. They received a $10 gift card to Walmart to be used to purchase a box of Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping litter as compensation for this review. #freesample #smiley360

I have only ever used clumping litters which, let’s face it, is practically a godsend. I have tried numerous litters in the past but am still looking for that perfect litter. Perhaps this is it. We’ll have to see how it goes.

I bought a brand new box so I could give this litter a fair trial without any residue from any other litter or any scratches or defects in the box that could cause the litter to stick to it. I filled the box with Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping litter this afternoon.

Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter
Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter

My first thought was that is was a lot smoother and the pieces much smaller/finer than I was expecting. My cats observed me and both had urinated in the box within the first half hour after it was filled.

Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter (The lighting in the litter box room is dark so the Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter looks brown instead of the dark gray that it is.)
Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter (See how sharp the edges are on the larger pieces of litter)

The neat freak in me wanted to immediately scoop it out but I decided to give it a little time to harden since it’s after that that the litter adheres so strongly to boxes that it is like scraping concrete off the sides and bottom of the box. After a half hour, I scooped it out. It seemed to adhere to itself more strongly and less so on the box, although there were still remnants on the side of the box. It was not completely dry when scooped out so that may be the reason it did not fully come out. I will have to allow the litter to dry more completely next time to see how it does.

About my cats:


Tinka had her front claws lasered off before I adopted her and for the past several years she uses the litter box only for urination and uses puppy pads for solid matter. I think she will be more likely to use Arm & Hammer Slide since it won’t irritate her paws as much as the other brands of litter; which have larger pieces that can have sharp edges on them. I have stepped on them before and they do hurt so a finer litter is a much better texture.


KiraBelle and both of the humans in the household have asthma so an unscented, dust free litter works best for us. I detected some scent with Arm & Hammer Slide, which is concerning, but didn’t see much dust nor did it irritate my lungs when I poured it into the box or scooped it out after it was used. However, this is something I am going to keep an eye on because I don’t want KiraBelle’s asthma to flare. She takes an antihistamine daily but cannot take corticosteroids or bronchodilators as she has hypertension, which led to a cerebral hemorrhage 6 years ago and I can’t risk her having difficulty breathing.

So far, though, I like the product and have good expectations about it. I’ll review Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping litter again after a two-week test to see how well it works and if we or KiraBelle experience any breathing difficulty or other irritation.

Have you tried it yet? What kinds of results have you seen?

** UPDATE: Neither cats used the box after their initial urination so it must have been their way of marking their territory but not a product they wanted to use. Kira had quite a few asthma attacks after Arm and Hammer Slide Clumping Litter was put in her litter box so we think the fragrance and/or Arm & Hammer baking soda affected her respiratory system. Jim noticed that Arm and Hammer Slide Clumping Litter left a film on anything it touched: the litter box, the cat’s step stool and the litter scoop. It might also coat cat’s lungs; that’s just a theory and not actual proof that it does. We are not comfortable with the litter and removed it from the box and replaced it with her usual litter: Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter.









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