Review of L’Oréal Root Touch Up spray (with before & after pics)

L’Oréal Root Touch-Up spray.


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  • It’s made by a brand we all know and trust.
  • It’s so simple to use. You don’t have to be an expert hairstylist to use it. If you can put on hairspray, you can put this product on, too.
  • It’s quick. It took mere seconds to apply and blend. (The shade I used is a tad darker than my natural hair color but I’m sure it wouldn’t be as noticeable if I’d blended better.)
  • Like dry shampoo, it gives hair lift and texture. My hair needed a lift so I appreciated it.
  • It covers gray hair very hair well. I missed a few spots because I was trying not to make a mess.
  • The scent was not overpowering and did not make it difficult to breathe while applying color to my hair.
  • It’s convenient to use. No need to make an appointment with your hairdresser.
  • It can be purchased at drugstores, mass market retailers such as Walmart and Target, and at grocery stores.
  • It is inexpensive so you won’t break the bank like you do when you go to your hair stylist for what my mom calls, “The Works.”
  • Each 2.0 oz can is good for several colorings depending on hair length, thickness and amount of gray hair.


  • You must put a barrier on your skin to protect it from absorbing the color otherwise, it will stain it. I used olive oil but Vaseline or lotion would work as well.
  • It can be as messy as coloring your hair with semi-permanent dye so you need to cover up just as if you’re dying your hair because it will stain whatever it touches. This includes fabrics, tile, ceramic, wood, plastic, etc. Anything in your bathroom should be protected before use. You don’t want to lose your security deposit or have to redo your bathroom.
  • It can be drying to the hair and scalp and make it itchy.
  • It left a film on my hair that stiffened which left it dry and it untouchable and took away the natural softness and sheen of healthy hair. (You can see that in the before & after pics above.)
  • I had to wash it the same night I wore it because I was afraid it would stain my sheets and pillowcases.
  • It is only temporary and only lasts until the next time you shampoo your hair.




I received a free bottle of this product to try in exchange for my honest review and personal opinion.
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