Review of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash

Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle)
When I was growing up, there was a honeysuckle vine covering the back fence. My mom wanted to cut it down because the sweet scent attracted bees but I begged her every year not to do it. Each year, she acquiesced, which gave me and my best friend Rhonda another summer during which to walk over to the vine and pick the beautiful blossoms, gently pulling on the stem to release the sun-ripened drops nectar from the flower, placing it against our tongues tasting its sweetness. Rhonda thought the white ones were purer but I knew the sweetness lie in the honey-yellow blossoms.
Rhonda, my best friend, and partner-in-crime.
 So when I received an invitation to try Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash, I jumped at the chance. I always want to try natural and organic skin- and beauty care products in hopes of finding products that work well and don’t contain anything I can’t pronounce or trust near my skin.
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash

You expect beauty care products to smell similar to the fragrance they claim to be but Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash smelled exactly like that sun-warmed vine on a summer day. It took me back to those carefree childhood days and sweet memories of my best friend. I didn’t expect an emotional escape into bliss but it was heavenly. It made my night time bath so relaxing I lingered for an extra twenty minutes or so to reminisce about the good old days.

I love that Mrs. Meyer’s contains natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals. It is gentle on the skin and cleaned mine without irritating or over-drying it. It’s dermatologically-tested and would be good for people with sensitive skin.
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash Ingredients
This post was sponsored by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day as part of a new product sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. All review comments are entirely my own.

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