Football, I can’t say I’m a fan. 

Years ago, when I was dating Al Mayo, who was a former football player and huge fan of the game, we went to Bearno’s for some pizza. Everyone knows I could not care less for sports ball of any kind but I tried to be polite and feign interest. I asked who was playing and he named the teams. The first I don’t remember but the second I heard as the Michigan Spark Plugs. 

Now I had never heard of them and thought the name was odd but being the analytical woman that I am, I thought to myself, “Well, there’s the Detroit Pistons and cars were made in that state so it makes sense, I guess.” 

We engaged in small talk the rest of the meal. We soon finished and as we headed to the parking lot, I asked who won, the first team or the Spark Plugs? “The what?,” he exclaimed. “The Spark Plugs. The Michigan Spark Plugs,” I replied. Al started laughing so hard he was crying and wheezing and his bald head turned bright red and veins started popping out all over. “Oh, God,” he wheezed. “Spark Plugs! Spark Plugs!!!” He laughed so hard I thought he was going to suffer a stroke. Several minutes later, after he caught his breath, he told me that it was the Michigan Spartans, not Spark Plugs. I told him how I got to my rationale and he admitted it did make sense but, nevertheless, it was hilarious. So much for me and my knowledge of sports ball.

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